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Would you like to change your everyday life with horses to a safer, easier, unstressed and problem-free horse life?

This course is for people who like to know how to communicate with their horses and make their horse life easy for both, horse and you.



Would you like to change your everyday life with horses to a safer, easier, less stressful and trouble-free life?

This course is for people who would like to know how to communicate with their horses and how to make lives easier for both you and your horse.

Course description

When Natural horsemanship and the science behind horse training meet, you get an effective and a horse friendly way to teach horses.

My name is Mervi Pakola and I will be your instructor on this course. I’m a Finnish horse lady who loves horses and I’m on a mission to spread my knowledge to help you and your horse understand and communicate better. I have studied Natural horsemanship, the learning theory of horses, Centered Riding, horse biomechanics and horse wellbeing, just to name a few of my comprehensive equine studies. I am a horse trainer, horse masseuse and a Level I Centered Riding instructor. I have also competed both in Western riding and Dressage. Mostly my work consists of helping people who have problems with their horses. What makes my way unique is that I have combined the best parts of Natural horsemanship as well as the science behind horse training to create an effective way to teach horses. Further, I have studied and learned a lot from the horses I have worked with about how to read their pain signals which I think is the most common reason behind equine behavioral problems. Speak Horse with Mervi is an online course for anyone who wants to understand their horses better, teach them good behavior and to avoid unwanted behavior. This course will help you and your horse in your everyday life.

This course combines both theory and practical exercises that are easy, simple, and can be carried out by anyone who spends time with horses. The aim of these exercises is to teach horses good behavior and to create a relationship with a horse that is based on mutual respect, trust and communication. I use these exercises on a daily basis. They can, for example, be used to correct unwanted behavior when the horse is on the lead.

With these exercises you will get help when the horse is…

  • Not focused on you and the tasks you are asking him/her to perform and is focused on the surrounding environment
  • Tense
  • Restless
  • Lacking respect for people
  • Walking all over people (you more or less have to get out of the way)
  • Behaving badly when on the lead
  • Barging
  • Rearing when lead
  • Walking too fast or not waiting for you on the lead
  • Standing still in different situations

You will learn the following:

  • How to teach your horse to behave when on the lead and other situations in your everyday life
  • How to teach a horse to relax and focus on you and the things that you are asking him/her
  • How to use these exercises to create a good relationship with your horse – mutual respect and trust
  • How to teach your horse new things
  • What are the differences between teaching a sensitive and a not-so-sensitive horse (I sometimes call them lazy)
  • How to teach your horse different exercises on a lead rope
  • How to teach your horse to respect your own personal space
  • How to teach your horse to follow you with a loose lead rope and even in liberty
  • What is pressure and how to you use it in horse training
  • How to teach your horse to be relaxed and to stand still

With these exercises I aim to teach good manners and create a good relationship with horses. I value trust, respect and communication with horses very much. I want them to know what it is I am asking them to do and for them to be able to do things in a relaxed manner and with ease. These skills are very useful for anyone spending time with horses and you may find your everyday life with horses getting a lot more easier! Indeed, your life should get safer, easier, less stressful and more trouble-free. After completing this course you will be able to fix behavioral problems if they arise. You will have the necessary tools and you know how and when to use them, and as a result you can tackle the problems before they get too big. With this course you will learn skills that are useful and easy to apply to your everyday life with horses.

If you want to learn more, we are also planning on translating our Speak Horse with Mervi level 2.

Participants tell about Speak Horse with Mervi online course:

Johanna:  ”I participated in the ”Speak Horse with Mervi” online course by Mervi Pakola Horse Academy and I can highly recommend this course to everybody. It doesn’t matter whether  the horse is young and inexperienced, or a highly trained competing horse because changes in the everyday routines will surely brighten up anybody’s day.

The exercises and videos were very clear. Seeing the exercises being carried out with 3 different horses helped me to see how differently horses can react. And consequently even before trying the exercises I had the tools to handle different reactions. 

Mervi was very active and I give her 10/10 for that. She has patiently answered all our questions and given advice to all of us when we have needed tips. I never thought I’d get such good service and guidance on an online course.  

I filmed myself doing the exercises and I recommend that for others, too. It is easier to see your own mistakes when you can watch yourself. In my videos I could see that I wasn’t paying enough attention to my own space and when I started paying more attention to it, co-operation (with my horse) became a lot better.  I am a very content owner of a young horse and I am chuckling. The course was worth every euro spent and a lot more.  ˂3 Thank you Mervi ˂3  ”

Senja: Last fall I took part in the ”Speak Horse with Mervi” online course by Mervi Pakola Horse Academy. The videos of this course were clear and all exercises were shown from start to finish with three different horses.  Instructions on the videos were explicit and it was easy to start doing the given exercises on my own. If faced with a problem, asking for help was at a low threshold and the solution to the problem was discussed in good spirit. Mervi answered the questions and would post more instrucrive videos when needed..

The exercises chosen for this course were simple yet easy to apply to numerous different situations in everyday life. I was surprised at how many things you can have an effect on with these exercises. I was able to reduce my pony’s fussing at meal times when I used and varied these exercises. For example, he no longer is in a hurry to get to his food and before feeding times he isn’t scooping with his front legs as much as he used to. That’s because I got tools from this course to correct his behavior.

These exercises have been very useful when leading the horse. On top of getting advice and inspiration for different in-hand exercises, my pony is no longer walking past me, instead he mainly walks behind me while being relaxed and obedient. Standing still goes a lot better than before and my pony stops when I do. I also got tips for situations where the pony is tense or the surroundings are getting his attention. Hence being and doing with him is more safe and enjoyable for both.

I can warmly recommend this course for anyone who spends time with horses because it helps you to understand how horses learn, how you should start teaching things and how to fix existing bad behavior. Also the exercises in this course are suitable for all horses. I’m warning you, your everyday life with horses may get easier after this course! Thanks Mervi, you’re awsome!”

Minna: ”Thank you Mervi for these courses, I liked them a lot! Over the years I have observed many different horse trainers’  work and I have picked the best tips from them for my work and hobbies with horses. I haven’t agreed with them all or taken them lying down: some train horses in quite a rough way, first scare the horse, then desensitize him. Some are too soft and soppy and way too generous with their treats while giving the horses too many exemptions. Out of the ones I’ve encountered so far, your  way of training feels most suitale, a clear and functional regime that is in balance, not too much or little of anything in it. Me and my old darling gelding, who is already on greener pastures, we had such a connection and trust between us that I taught him lot of things by accident, we both just seemed to know what to do. Now that I’ve bought a 2 year old cheeky youngster, I need to pay more attention to his training. I’m sure these courses will be a big help for us! Thank you! 

Elina: ”Out of Mervi’s couses I got what I’ve been longing for all these years while owning horses. Although I’ve always got advice from the wonderful people around me, I finally got solid reasons why to do the given exercises with horses.

On her videos, by using different horses as examples, Mervi very clearly explained and demonstrated how to build trust and respect so that being with horses is safe. It was also awesome that participants could ask her anything that was bothering us.

I learned a lot from the other participants’ questions and the ever so clear and understandable answers Mervi gave. I can highly recommend this course!”


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